7 Reasons Why Women Flake on Dates 1 year ago

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Why do some women flake on dates? (Sorry, I can’t make it!)

Both men and women flake on dates, but women are much more likely to do it.

Why is that and how can you avoid it happening to you with the girl you really like?

In the video above, I explain 7 common reasons why women flake on dates and what you can do to prevent it happening to you.

I also explain how to respond to a flake and how to handle it, so you can successfully get to a date and then enjoy all of the fun stuff that happens at that point (e.g. kissing, sex, relationship, love, companionship).

Here are the 7 reasons why a woman will flake and cancel a date:

1. She just wants casual sex, but she can see that the guy wants a serious relationship with her.
2. She is playing hard to get because she fears that he might be too good for her.
3. The guy set up a date via text.
4. She wasn't really attracted to him and just gave out her phone number to end the interaction politely.
5. She is seeing someone else and doesn't have time to start dating a new guy.
6. The guy kept chasing her, even though she wasn't showing any interest in him.
7. She wants to see how you handle it.

As you will discover by watching the video, if a woman flakes on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to now let her go and give up.

In many cases, a woman flakes on a date to test how you will handle it (e.g. will you remain confident or begin to doubt yourself, will you give up on pursuing her because you weren’t really interested anyway, or will you get annoyed or angry at her?).

She may do that because she has recently gotten out of a relationship with a controlling, jealous boyfriend or because she wants to test your interest level.

Her flaking doesn’t always because she isn’t interested.

So, if you really do like her and want to get to kissing, sex and a relationship, don’t give up on the first flake.

If she keeps flaking whenever you set up dates, then you most-likely need to step up your attraction game (i.e. make her feel a lot more attracted to you when you talk to her or text her) and if she then flakes again, then ignore her for a while (e.g. a week to a month).

Yet, in almost all cases, a guy doesn’t ever need to get to the point where he ignores a woman to hopefully get her to want him.


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