7 Basic Etiquette Rules Most of Us Keep Breaking 11 months ago

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Do you have good manners? They are as diverse as the people who show them. There are numerous etiquette rules, and many are only applicable in certain countries. Thus, Eskimo people rub noses when they greet each other, the Japanese always take their shoes off before entering a house, and Thai citizens will never show their shoe soles — it’s considered inappropriate.

Nevertheless, there are some etiquette rules that should be followed no matter which nationality you are or where you live. For example, you shouldn't bring your pets (mostly dogs) with you everywhere you go. Other people won't enjoy your big clumsy dog. A small barking dog won't make them happy either. The same goes for when you're invited to a house party. Always ask if you can take your dog with you. Unfortunately, some of these important rules are frequently disregarded nowadays, so if you wanna learn more about them, watch the video!

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- Don't place your bag on the table or the floor next to you in a restaurant. Either hang it on your chair or a hook. You can sometimes find the latter on the side of or directly underneath the table.
- If you're late to a group exercise class, don't barge your way through everyone toward your favorite spot. It's your fault that you’re late, so just take whatever space is available, and don't block the equipment.
- After you’ve finished with weight machines, reset them to the minimum weight. This way, the next person who uses them won't injure themselves if they start doing exercises without looking.
- There are 3 types of people in this world: those who arrive early, those who arrive on time, and those who arrive late. If you aren't the first type, you'll inevitably have to pass in front of people at the theatre, at the movies, in a concert hall, or in any other place that is equipped with seats. The only right way to do it is by facing the other people and not turning your back toward them.
- If an invitation says “Regrets only,” you should only respond if you’re sure that you will NOT attend. Otherwise, the host will count on you being there.
- “RSVP” (“respondez s'il vous plait,” which is French for “please respond”) means that you must write or call the host to confirm your presence at their event. You should do this within the requested period of time.
- If you aren't sure which fork you should use for each dish, start with the one farthest from your plate. Then work your way toward your plate.
- If you're in a small group of up to 4 people in a restaurant, wait until everyone has been served before you start to eat. If it's a business or formal meal, you can begin when the host asks you to do so.
- Casual Attire — This can be anything from a T-shirt and jeans to a pair of shorts and a blouse. It's a good idea to find out if you're going to be inside or outside. You can also ask others what they’re going to wear.
- In most companies, Casual Friday means that you can swap your pants or skirt for a pair of jeans and leave your tie at home.
- Business Casual — Being neat is the answer here. Ditch clothing that is too tight or oversized. Just be stylish!
- Formal Business — This is perfect for professionals who want to always look dashing and are aiming to climb the career ladder. A suit and dark dress shoes for men, and pumps, a skirt, and a blazer for women.
- When standing in line at a coffee shop, don't talk on the phone. Especially when the barista has already started asking you questions. It's impolite to make everyone wait and listen to your conversation.

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