4 Quick Dating Tips For Men 1 year ago

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Here are 4 quick dating tips for men:

1. Women don't select guys based on how nice they are.
2. If the sexual spark isn't there, you can create it.
3. Don't talk about your romantic feelings for her before you've had sex with her.
4. Don't panic when women test you.

As a man, it’s absolutely critical that you understand and accept the fact that you can literally make women feel attracted to you.

If you’re not a woman’s usual type, you can literally talk to her, create a spark of attraction and build on that and in many cases, she will then start to see you as her type as well.

Your success at dating women really all comes down to your ability to attract women.

The better you are at attracting women as you talk to them, the more choice you have with women, the more confident you feel around women and the easier your dating life is.

So, one of the best dating tips you can ever get as a man is this: Believe in yourself and know that you can make most women feel attracted to you as you talk to them.

You can literally have control over this area of your life, rather than leaving it all to chance and hoping that one day, you might finally meet a pretty girl who is attractive, single and wants you.

How long have you been waiting for that to happen so far?

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P.S. Once you begin using attraction techniques on women and see that it works, you will realize that you were good enough for attractive women all along.

It’s just that you were using an approach that wasn’t making women feel attracted as you talked to them.

From now on, that kind of unnecessary rejection isn’t going to happen to you any more. You are going to take control of this area of your life once and for all.

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