7 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You (#3 Makes NO Sense) 12 months ago

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In this video and article, I’m going to give you some definite signs that he’s attracted to you, even if he’s trying to keep it a secret.

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Let’s dive into some signs he’s secretly attracted to you so that you can plan your next move.

1:31 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #1. He Gets Nervous In Your Company

I don’t think women ever realize how completely intimidating it is for a man to approach them. He worries you’ll reject him or laugh at him. Now, I know you wouldn’t, but he has that in his head. So cut him some slack.

If this guy is fidgety around you (and no one else), that’s a pretty good sign he’s secretly attracted to you. Reassure him that you’re interested too with a nice flirty smile or a hand on his arm.

2:17 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #2. He Smiles and Opens His Body Language

His body language will also communicate his interest. Rather than crossing his arms or turning away from you (which communicates the very opposite), he will face toward you and even lean in when you talk (it’s especially cute if you’re short and he’s tall and does this!).

3:15 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #3. He’s Mean to You or Teases You

If he teases you, tease him back!

Instead of you running and crying in the bathroom, knowing that this actually means he likes you should help you be a little confident, and maybe get you to tease him back.

3:57 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #4. You Get the Feeling He’s Into You

I’m always telling you Sexy Confident women to trust your gut. If you get the feeling that he’s attracted to you, don’t let your brain overthink it and convince your gut otherwise.

There’s a reason scientists call the gut The Second Brain: it has an eerie ability to “know” things that sometimes your brain gets wrong. So give it a try. The next time you think a guy is showing signs he’s secretly attracted to you, find out and see if your gut was right.

4:06 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #5. He Works On Appearing Well-Groomed

If this man is someone you’ve spent time with platonically, pay attention to whether he seems to be putting in extra effort these days into his appearance.

Any change in his appearance for the better may indicate that he’s trying to subtly get your attention. Make sure you praise his efforts…and put in your own. Shopping time!

4:14 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #6. He Has A Helpful Attitude Towards You

Is he going out of his way to be helpful? He’s definitely interested!

Men are natural providers. When we are attracted to a woman, we want to help her however we can.

He might offer you a ride when your car’s in the shop…

He might help with that TPS report you’ve been stressing about at work…

He might bring you chicken noodle soup when you’re sick.

Realize that the average dude is not going to put this effort into helping a female friend. If he’s going above and beyond, he wants to provide value to you, the same way cavemen wanted to get the approval of their caveladies when they brought home a nice juicy dinosaur steak!

4:44 Signs He's Secretly Attracted to You #7. He’s Constantly Grooming Himself

Men don’t even realize that they’re doing this. They may run their fingers through their hair (wishing they were running them through your hair). Or comb their beards with their fingers (hoping there are no crumbs lingering!). However he’s grooming himself, he’s trying to make sure that he’s looking his best in front of a lady he is absolutely smitten with.

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