A Bad Boy Attraction Secret That Good Guys Can Use 1 year ago

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The bad boy attraction secret that I share with you in this video is about giving a woman an impression that says, “You can’t tame me.”

This is very important because, if a woman is attractive, pretty much every guy that she meets shows her that he either is tame already, or is willing to be tame (i.e. willing to do whatever she wants and let her call the shots) as long as he can get a chance to be with her.

If a woman is attractive, she gets bored of the fact that most guys find her attractive, like her and want her.

So, when she meets a bad boy, or a good guy who uses the bad boy attraction secret that I teach in this video, it peaks her attention.

She realizes that her usual charm isn’t working on him and as a result, she tries harder to get the bad boy (or good guy using this secret) to like her in the way that pretty much every other guy does.

In the process of trying hard to get him to like her, she quickly begins to fall for him and he essentially allows her to have a chance with him.

That’s how a good guy can be a bad boy, without being a jerk.

The good guy will still be good to her and be his usual good self, but with one major difference - he isn’t instantly sold on her.

She still has to impress him further.

Here’s the thing…

We all know that there are many bad boys out there who are jerks and thugs.

You don’t need to be like that to attract women like a bad boy does.

Essentially, when a good guy gives a woman an impression that says, “You can’t tame me” or, “You’re going to have to impress me more than that to make me want you,” it causes her to feel curious and then excited that for once, a guy is actually being a bit of a challenge for her to acquire.

An attractive woman knows that all she has to say is, “Yes” and pretty much every guy who meets her will happily have sex with her or even get into a relationship with her.

That’s boring for her.

Yet, with a bad boy or a good guy who is using this bad boy attraction secret, she actually has to put in a continued effort to impress him or else he will lose interest in her.

Attractive women love that feeling and love to be in that position.

They usually won’t admit that openly though, so don’t bother asking them.

Instead, just watch how they respond when a guy has the courage to use the kind of approach that I teach in this video.

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