Why Dating Tips Are A SCAM (The Truth Nobody Wants To Tell You) 2 years ago

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The uncomfortable truth why 90% of dating advice can only be scam!

Overcome approach anxiety and fear, ONCE AND FOR ALL:

Yeah, it is sad, most of the dating advice and dating tips a man gets exposed to on a daily basis is simply not based on reality. Dating tips are easy to give but very very hard to really earn. Years of going out and gathering invaluable reference experiences are often times too much for most people out there who are eager to give dating tips.

Yeah I get it, nobody really WANTS to scam, nobody wants to give dating tips scam, but most of them just happen to be scammy. Simply because they lack the experience, they lack the courage to talk about subtle nuances that are such an intrinsic part of the dating advice truth.

Am I scam? Are my dating advice tips? Hell, who am I to judge, so yeah, just a little rant on the scammy nature of a majority of the dating tips out there.

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