How To Handle Small Talk As An Introvert 1 year ago

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How to Handle Small Talk as an Introvert — Kanye and Jimmy Kimmel Breakdown

We look at the Kanye-Kimmel interview today and do a break down on how to handle small talk especially if you're an introvert. Small talk can be a pain for some people especially introverts. Now, there is nothing wrong with light and playful banter and we've covered that in other videos but in this video, we are going to discuss how anyone including introverts can become a master of quickly moving through small talk to something more. And for some people, it's going to come as a surprise that I am featuring Kanye West in this video. To be clear, I'm not saying that Kanye West is necessarily an introvert.

Kanye may not be an introvert but in his most recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, I did see a number of behaviors that are typical of an introverted type that doesn't really want to engage in small talk. And I thought that this could make a good jumping-off point for the topic. First off, small talk can be difficult for people because they don't know when to participate. If they aren't asked a question, they feel like they shouldn't speak up and then the dreaded awkward silence ensues before the other person excuses themself. In reality, there are almost always subtle openings and invitations to join in.

1:00 Notice subtle openings for you to share your thoughts
2:15 Respond with an open-ended statement to keep the conversation going
3:00 You don't have to answer questions if you want to talk about something else
4:11 Pause to create opt-in points for others
5:22 Try to get to a conversational topic you both care about

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