How to set boundaries in your relationship.| Setting healthy boundaries 7 months ago

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How to set boundaries in your relationship.| Setting healthy boundaries

Want to know how to set boundaries in your relationship or marriage? Here are 5 simple ways to setting healthy boundaries in your relationship.

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Setting Boundaries In Your Relationship |

Let's talk about the importance of communicating your value , needs and worth continuously.

Often when we first start dating someone we start out with strong boundaries , however over time these can wear down due to familiarity , circumstances , neglect and loss of self love and confidence.

When boundaries slip , standards fall and someone tends to feel they are either giving too much , being taken for granted or are in a relationship that has become toxic.

Whether you have always struggled to communicate healthy boundaries or only just recently realised that yours have slipped in your relationship , here are 5 easy ways to get back on track :

1) Know your true value - when we establish our worth and have a deep centred belief around our true identity it becomes easier to communicate it and not let anyone walk all over you.

2) Communicate even when it's tough - Talk about how you feel even if it means being uncomfortable or having some conflict.

3) Explain rather than express - Learn to talk about how your feel without being in a heightened emotional state. Men especially respond more so to logic rather than emotion.

4) Give consequences - if you keep rewarding their lack of respect of you and your boundaries , they will keep doing the same action. Give them a consequence for their behaviour.

5) Stay accountable - It's easy to lose perspective or justify toxic behaviour , so have an accountability group you can check in with.

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